The 8 Best Personal Trainer Apps for Women

Tired of your same old fitness app, and ready to try something new? We've got a bunch of cool new stuff for you to try, so check these women's personal training apps out.

With colder weather approaching, it may be hard to get the motivation to work out as much as in the warm summer months. For many women, fall and winter means no more outside workouts — and for those without a gym membership, that can mean an end to working out completely. 

Luckily, there are a handful of fitness apps out there that provide plenty of workouts women can do, many with world-renowned trainers, women's audio fitness classes, women's video fitness classes, or other exciting features. Let's get into it!


Founded in 2015, Aaptiv promises an optimal personal trainer app with something for every body and every goal through their library of thousands of unique workouts and programs designed by certified trainers. 

To get started, you first download their app, enter your fitness goals, and choose from the workouts suggested. Workouts can be selected based upon your favorite trainer, duration, music, and other categories. Then you just pop in your earbuds and let the Aaptiv trainers guide your workout.

Depending upon which activity or classes you choose, you may need additional portable exercise equipment besides your phone and earbuds, too. If you select strength training, for example, you'll need some barbells or dumbbells — or at least some resistance bands. 

Some workouts are designed around treadmills, so you'd need access to one of those (see if your nearest gym has one you can use if you can't afford to buy one). And without a proper yoga mat, you can't very well do the required poses, either. 

More about Aaptiv: 

Price: $14.99 per month or $99 for a year.

Notable trainers: 

  • Jade Alexis  - a boxer and yogi certified in indoor cycling, yoga, and meditation. Her personal motto is, “Push your edge.” She’ll have you do more than you think you can.
  • Caesar F. Barajas - certified in yoga and group fitness, meditation, and mindful resiliency for trauma recovery. His personal motto is, “Trust the journey.”
  • Meg Takacs - a running coach and crossfit level 1 instructor. Her personal motto is, “Stay strong.” 
  • Mike Septh - a certified functional strength and conditioning coach, his personal motto is, “ It’s all about hard work and consistency.”
  • Benjamin Green - certified in triathlon training, indoor cycling, and RRCA running. He loves Aerosmith because theirs was the first CD to ever play in his boombox.

Example workouts/classes:

Any free trials/special promotions? Try a 30-day free trial here, and find Aaptiv promo codes here.


  • More than 2,500 guided workouts available
  • Over 40 new classes are added weekly 
  • Programs are structured to help you achieve your goals
  • Has a 4.8 star rating on iTunes after nearly 40k reviews
  • Do your exercises anytime and anywhere it suits you


  • Some people really need to see the trainer demonstrate the exercises
  • Not great for total novices

Bottom line:

Aaptiv reviews show it's highly rated by previous and current customers, features some of the best workout apps for womenand seems to have something for everyone’s goals and needs. Plentiful selection of classes and trainers. Try the free 30 days and see if you can’t live without it. Turns out lots of people can’t!


When you choose to workout with the FitPlan, you’ll get the creative culmination of highly qualified fitness professionals and athletes in your hands. Each video has a goal in mind and your chosen coach is right there with you, demonstrating each exercise to help you fulfill it. 

Track your progress each week and share it with the FitPlan community, get regular tips from celebrity trainers, and follow any plan you wish to get started.

More about FitPlan:

Price: Choose to pay $7.99 per month annually; $14.99 per month quarterly; or $15.99 per month monthly. 

Notable trainers: 

  • Theresa Depasquale - one of Instagram's most popular fitness gurus, Theresa inspires the health and fitness more than 250,000 followers across social media
  • Marquis Lee - highly accredited professional football player in the NFL
  • Ingrid Romero - founder of her own custom line of bikinis and leads a team of Bikini Competitors: TEAM EDGE
  • Cam Speck - co-founder and president of Fitplan Technologies
  • Brittne Babe - athlete, Instagram model, personal trainer, entrepreneur and influencer

Example workouts/classes: 

Any free trials/special promotions? There’s a free 7-day trial offered with the Annual Membership, and be sure to check here for FitPlan discount codes.


  • New FitPlans are added every month
  • Highly skilled and certified fitness trainers design and narrate/demonstrate exercises in each video
  • Users report they feel stronger with each workout
  • Some users dropped a dress size using only the FitPlan workouts for 10 weeks


  • Some wished certain instructions were more specific and descriptive
  • Some felt there should be a timer to count down for you when trainers say to take a certain length of break

Bottom line:

FitPlan is a lineup of all the hottest fitness influencers and athletes, showing you how they recommend you work out. We think you'll like it and it's definitely worth the price!



 Get into your workout with the MoveWith app and its selection of hundreds of highly motivating audio workouts and plans designed by personal fitness coaches..

Build the ideal customized routine for your healthiest mind and body by assembling your favorites and setting goals toward your body's needs: whether it's strength-building, fat-burning, or calmness-creating.

More about MoveWith:

Price: $12.99/Month with the Monthly Plan, $7.99/Month with the Annual Plan, $299.99/Month with the Lifetime Plan.

Notable trainers: 

  • Katie Barrett - Does workouts focused on: Stretching · Strength & HIIT · Outdoor Running · Treadmill
  • Peter Walters - Specializing in Yoga · Meditation · Life Talks
  • Garrett Wood - Highly skilled in Treadmill · Strength & HIIT · Indoor Cycling
  • Alex Ho - Guides you in Outdoor Running · Stretching · Strength & HIIT
  • Samantha Poccia - Creates workouts in Strength & HIIT · Indoor Cycling
  • Chad Flahive - Primarily into Strength & HIIT · Treadmill

Example workouts/classes: 

Any free trials/special promotions? Get 7 days free here, and find MoveWith coupon codes here.


  • Gives you the freedom of working out wherever and whenever you choose (as long as you have iPhone or web access)
  • Offers exercise plans created by professional trainers
  • Offers unique stress reducing life talks
  • Good for those with poor vision or who prefer an audio workout or guided meditation
  • 7-day free trial offered on all 3 plans


  • Only available for devices using iOS 10.0 or later, including the iPod Touch, iPads and iPhones, no Android or others
  • Subscription options are auto renewing, so customers must pay attention and cancel if they aren't interested in renewing
  • Lack of videos might deter some people who benefit from visual prompts or guidance
  • Some didn't enjoy a few of the music choices

Bottom line:

If you like audio fitness apps, you'll probably love MoveWith. You can follow any number of workouts and plans designed and narrated by the coaches of your preference, and then add them to your library for later. The prices are reasonable, and the 7-day free trial allows the perfect amount of time to decide whether you'll use this app or not. 

The best part? You'll never get bored with the coaches adding new classes every week! We think these points and features confirm this is one of the best personal trainer apps for women.


With a motto of, “Get the workout you want in the time you have,” Sworkit offers everything from basic morning stretches to advanced full body workouts, with videos customizable in duration and intensity according to your preferences.

Having originally been highlighted on the popular TV show Shark Tank,  Sworkit, which explained on the website, means, ‘simply work it’, customers can select from trainer-created plans or build their own ideal workout. 

More about Sworkit:

Price: $12.99 per month for the Monthly membership; $79.99 annually for the Annual membership.

Notable trainers: 

Sworkit does not name their specific trainers on their website or elsewhere that we could find

Example workouts/classes: 

With Sworkit, you can choose from-

  • Guided Workouts
  • Custom Workouts
  • Workouts for Any Fitness Goal (i.e. Rump Roaster. Yoga for Runners)
  • 5-60 Minute Workouts to Fit Your Schedule (i.e. 5-Minute Abs Workout, 7-Minute Workout)

Any free trials/special promotions? There’s a 30-day free trial offered for the Annual membership only — not the Monthly membership. You can also find Sworkit promo codes here.


  • Exercise library of over 300 exercises to focus on specific areas of the body, workout type, exercise difficulty, and even how quiet the exercises 
  • Voted #1 by the ACSM study by the University of Florida on instructional exercise standards
  • The Sworkit Youth Initiative is an additional project of Sworkit's; they're on a mission to end childhood obesity
  • You can set your workouts to last as little as 2 minutes, with trainers usually recommending 15-30 minutes 
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time
  • App can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android and Web Browser
  • Plans are created by certified trainers for Sworkit


  • Some said they'd prefer an option to choose the same workout in different voices
  • Even though downloading the app is free for the free trial, it won’t let you see/try any of their workouts until you choose a plan
  • Some had trouble using the app with the Apple TV
  • Some felt it was expensive

Bottom line:

Sworkit review are mixed, but more positive than negative. If you can use a little motivation and enjoy fitness videos over audio or the gym, this could be for you - and the 30-day free trial can help you decide.


Studio pairs highly skilled instructors with impressively motivating playlists to create classes intended to give you the sweat of your life - and making it one of the best audio fitness apps!

Studio provides the perfect background music, high energy instructors, new classes on all skills levels daily to keep things fun, and a real-time leaderboard to share scores and goals accomplished to compete with your community (if you want to).

More about Studio:

Price: After the two week free trial, with the current discount offered, it's $8.33 per month, billed annually. Without the discount, it would be $14.99 per month, billed annually.

Notable trainers: 

  • Lisa Niren - Head Instructor at Studio, Trainer at Cityrow, CPT in NYC, Indoor Cycling Guru
  • Cedric Green - Founding Instructor at Studio, Master Instructor at Flywheel Sports
  • Bakari Williams - Founding Instructor at Studio, Instructor at Flywheel Sports, Lead Trainer at Cityrow
  • Selena Watkins - Founding Instructor at Studio, SoulCycle Instructor, Socanomics Trainer
  • Aaron Albert - Instructor at Studio, Director of Training at Cyc Fitness

Example workouts/classes: 

Classes can’t be observed without signing up for a plan, but are categorized into:

  • Treadmill
  • Outdoor running
  • Strength-focused workouts

They’re also offered at:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced skill levels, and range from 10 to 60 minutes

Any free trials/special promotions?  You can try Studio for free for 2 weeks.


  • You can compete in real time with other users on their community posted leaderboards and earn FitCoin (Studio’s virtual currency)
  • Treadmill audio classes feel like you've joined a real group treadmill class
  • Connect your Apple Watch to utilize biometric data and maximize your workout to your best levels (or don't - you don't have to)
  • Good for beginner levels all the way up to advanced athletes
  • Beginner classes are released throughout the week, and users can adjust the speed and incline settings to suit individual needs
  • You can still enjoy Studio, take classes, and earn Fitcoin without an  Apple Watch.  The Apple Watch just allows you to run ranked on the leaderboard so they can share distance and biometric information in real-time through it


  • Classes are audio only
  • Some reported instructors and classes were excellent, but the app needed some work (wishing it were more intuitive, descriptive, informative)

Bottom line:

Audio-only lovers will likely thoroughly enjoy Studio. Follow highly motivating instructors' directions while keeping the beat with your favorite music for the optimal treadmill, outdoor running, or strength-focused workout you've ever had - making this another of our best women's workout apps.

ClassPass Live

ClassPass’ website promises to bring the trainers, the team, and technology to you for an interactive workout designed for all skill levels you can do anytime, anywhere. 

Put on ClassPass Live’s heart rate monitor and set up Google Chromecast to apply real-time metrics to your workout - along with a live leaderboard and community of fitness enthusiasts like you to keep you motivated and accountable.

More about ClassPass Live:

Price: After the 1st month free trial ends, it’s $15/month plus a one-time $70* Starter Kit fee after 1 month. The Starter Kit fee is $40 if you already own a Google Chromecast.

Notable trainers: 

Trainers are not listed by name on the Studio website, but it describes them as all being "top-notch athletes from the most popular boutique gyms and studios in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco."

Example workouts/classes: 

  • Build | Upper Body: A full-body workout with an upper-body strengthening/sculpting focus
  • Torch | Lower Body: A full-body workout with a lower-body legs/glute-firming focus
  • Core | Abs: A full-body workout with a focus on abs and core for overall strengthening
  • Charged | Cardio: A full-body, cardio-focused workout
  • Loaded | Full Body: A full-body workout to increase endurance and strength

Take note of:

  • Join a live class Monday through Friday at any of these times. If you can't make it, take an on-demand class anytime instead
  • Live classes are 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT); your heart rate monitor will help you know when it's time to take a break
  • Download and use ClassPass Go any time you want a simple audio workout on your time, anywhere

Any free trials/special promotions? Try your first month free here. After trial ends, you'll automatically be enrolled into a monthly plan for $15/month plus a one-time fee for the ClassPass Starter Kit unless you cancel. You can also find ClassPass promo codes here.


  • Fun live workouts are often throughout the week, with on-demand classes to back them up if you miss them
  • The trainers give live shoutouts during class, and connect online after workouts
  • You can join the ClassPass Live community on Facebook for extra support too
  • App makes it fun to switch between classes in different studios offered by different instructors
  • Reasonable prices
  • Leaderboard lets you compete in real time if you want to


  • Some had complaints about extra fees and rolling over points; management appears to have resolved issues

Bottom line:

Feeling like you're really in class with the gang is essential to some folks' motivation — and they can get it with ClassPass's live classes, offered numerous times throughout the week. Then, there's an on-demand class list available if you miss those. The leaderboard, community support and FaceBook group are all helpful to keep on track. too. These features make this one of the best video fitness apps.

Motion Traxx

Cardio workouts have been reinvented by the team at Motion Traxx, combining the high-enthusiasm of top level athletes and fitness professionals and ActionSyncTM music soundtracks to match the intensity of any workout.

To see your fitness data as you navigate your workout, Motion Traxx integrates with Apple's HealthKit on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and any iOS 8 device. 

More about Motion Traxx:

Price: Everyone gets 1 free session. Register to get 4 more free sessions. Subscribe to get unlimited sessions. Pricing is $9.99/month, or 1 year for $99.99. Fyi: subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period (do this in Account Settings)

Notable trainers: 

  • Paul Katami - tough love trainer has been featured on Access Hollywood, EXTRA, and ABC News
  • Gregg Cook - named by New Yorker magazine as one of NYC’s top trainers, highly sought-after indoor cycling instructor and Schwinn Master Trainer
  • Rachel Buschert - competitive cyclist and Schwinn Master Trainer featured in video for Insanity workout plan
  • Stephanie Vitorino - L.A. trainer with experience, she’s worked out some of Hollywood’s best bodies
  • Amy Dixon - trains celebrities in Santa Monica, stars in fitness videos, contributes to major health magazines, Schwinn and BOSU Master Trainer, Gatorade ambassador

Example workouts/classes: 

  • Treadmill
  • Indoor cycling
  • Elliptical
  • Spinning
  • Rowing
  • Stairclimber
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout
  • Other cardio

Any free trials/special promotions? You can find Motion Traxx promo codes here.


  • New workouts every month
  • Mentioned in renowned women's health Fitness magazine and featured by iTunes
  • Intuition design simple interface helps you easily find the perfect workout with just two touches
  • Get informed by reading up on the latest health and fitness articles in their ‘LoveToSweat’ blog
  • Available on iOS and Android


Some didn't like the music and felt the instructors sounded scripted 

Bottom line:

Try your free Motion Traxx session, then register for 4 more to see if you really like it. We think you probably will with the new workouts added regularly, intuitive interface, music adjusting to your workout's intensity, and linkability with Apple Health.


One of our favorite free personal trainer apps, C25K stands for “couch to 5k” — which is shorthand for what the app hopes to do for its users. The training plan to transform a couch potato into a 5K runner in 8 weeks seems a bit ambitious — but the website insists it's been used by over 5 million people, with the program being specifically tailored for first time runners.

And ladies - when it's time to blast that belly and those thighs and glutes, especially after too much Halloween candy, fall harvest treats, or Thanksgiving dinner, what should be done? Running, that's what. And this app will take us from our lazy television couch life into just that. Couch to 5K transformation, here we come!

The audio coach (sorry, no fancy audio athletes or professionals here) will tell you what to do, which typically includes periods of alternating between walking and running to build your strength and stamina. 

With workouts being scheduled for 3 times per week with breaks between, it's recommended newbies take the break days seriously and relax. Your body can't go from couch potato to 5K runner without straining some muscles, and these off days are intended to allow them to repair themselves.

Price: This app is available on the Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and Amazon Appstore for Android. This app is available for free (although the free version is, of course, ad supported) and the Pro version can be purchased for $1.99.

Notable trainers: 

None, but the audio coach is wonderfully motivating.

Example workouts/classes: 

Alternating walking and running in intervals until you turn your couch potato self into a 5K runner.

Any free trials/special promotions? No, but the app is free. You can also find C25K promo codes here.


  • You can track your calories and distance by integrating Google Fit or Apple Health
  • Featured in numerous well-known publications and programs including  Forbes, Mercury News, LA Times, The Guardian, Mashable, TIME, CBS News,  PopSugar, TNW, MacWorld, Huffington Post, Glamour, LifeHacker, and the Washington Post
  • Voice prompts are much improved in the latest version
  • Mix of running and walking helps keep you from overdoing it when first starting out
  • Music will allow you to play music not only from files stored locally on your phone, but Google Play Music playlists and others as well
  • When your workout finishes, the C25K app shares links for Facebook, Twitter, MyFitnessPal, and Instagram - so share your progress if you think it will help keep you motivated


  • App doesn’t talk to Google Fit, nor does it track your workout distance and time through GPS. If you'd like to work around that, get a second app like MapMyRun

Bottom line: 

Overall, C25K is one of the best personal trainer apps for getting off the couch and getting your life and health back together. It's free too - which makes it hard to turn away, especially if you've never ran in a 5K before. Ready to download yet?

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